Overview of payment statuses

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After you request your payment, we carry out a review to either approve or decline it.

You can view your payment status under the 'Payments' tab.

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We have four different payment request statuses:

  • Pending - you’ve submitted your payment request successfully and are just waiting for us to review it

  • Approved - we reviewed and approved your payment request

  • Paid - at the beginning of the month, all Approved payment requests will automatically switch to Paid if requested between the 2nd and the 15th. The switch will happen on the 15th of the following month for payment requests submitted between the 16th and the end of the month.

  • Declined - unfortunately, your payment request was reviewed and declined. This could be because of fraudulent activity or direct referrals. Please remember that we reserve the right to withhold any payment and suspend any account if it violates our guidelines. Additionally, we are under no obligation to discuss how we track fraudulent activity.