Disabling an account

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By signing our Terms and Conditions, you agree that we have the right to suspend your payments and/or account if we suspect fraud or Fraudulent Traffic.


As always, we have zero tolerance for any attempts to defraud Fiverr.
We monitor every single payment request to track down fraud while ensuring that everything is in accordance with our T&Cs.


Since we review every payment request before giving our approval, there are many reasons why we may decline a request or disable an account:


  1. Fraudulent traffic
    This means any deposits or traffic generated at the Affiliate Site through illegal means or in bad faith to defraud Fiverr, regardless of whether or not it actually causes harm to Fiverr.

    According to Terms and Conditions, 1.10, Fraudulent Traffic includes, but is not limited to: spam, false advertising, deposits generated by stolen credit cards, collusion, manipulation of the services, system, bonuses or promotions not approved by Fiverr, offers to share the Commissions, directly or indirectly, with user and any other unauthorized use of any third party accounts, copyrights or trademarks.

  2. Direct referral
    You may use paid ads to promote Fiverr, as long as you do not send the paid traffic directly to Fiverr.

    Sponsored search engine ads that display the Fiverr URL (i.e. linking to Fiverr instead of your website) are not allowed, as they may mislead users or regulators to believe that Fiverr sponsored the advertisement.

    You must send the ad traffic to your own website or landing page. On these pages, you can add your Fiverr affiliate links.

    Additionally, you are not allowed to bid on any of Fiverr's brand-related keywords. Your ad cannot mislead potential customers into thinking you represent Fiverr in any way. All promotions must clearly demonstrate that you are not Fiverr and that you do not represent Fiverr.