Setting up your partner dashborad

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Your account must include your payment information as well as a description of your activity as a Fiverr affiliate.

Once you log in to your account, please visit your Account Details in the left lower corner to fill out the following:


Group 1.png


1. Personal information
Login to your account and go to “Account Details” and select “Personal Information”.

Click "Edit info", and fill in your company’s details or your private information. Once you’re done, click Save.

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2. Sources
Add links to the sources you plan to promote Fiverr. These sources can be websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, LinkedIn pages, YouTube accounts, and more.

For company accounts: Please provide the URL of your official website or LinkedIn page.
Once you’re done, click Save

3. Payment details

Fill out all applicable fields, including your payment method, currency, VAT identification number, and more.

  1. Click Edit to get started.
  2. Click Save once complete.


4. Change password

To reset your password, go to the Security tab and change your password.