Gig Ads Widget

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Group-1439-1.pngInterested in promoting our top-converting services? If so, you can use the Gig Ads Widget located within the Marketing Tools section.

After clicking on Gig Ads Widget, you can:

  • Select categories and sub-categories
  • Filter by relevant keywords
  • Set price ranges for Gigs


Meanwhile, we will choose the best-performing Gigs for you.

If you’d like to promote a specific Gig, follow these steps:

  •  Enter the Gig link
  • Select the category and sub-category
  • Filter by the relevant keywords
  • Set a price range for the Gigs


Under advanced settings, you can choose:

  • Commission type
  • Tracking codes
  • Add title
  • “More services” button text
  • Fiverr’s website language


Note: Gig Ads Widget is set for the CPA plan by default. Once you embed the widget onto your site, you cannot change the commission type. You can, however, go back to the Gig Ads Widget, choose your desired commission type, and then re-embed it.


How to embed the code?

Our installation guide covers everything you need to know to properly embed the widget: installation guide

For more details about this amazing feature, visit our blog!